License Types

The following is a broad overview of the basic types of licenses available. For more information about what best meets your needs, contact Oregon CIS at 1.800.495.1266.

Middle School

CIS Jr, built especially for middle school, helps students in the exploration stage of career development plan for high school. CIS Jr helps each student build a personal educational plan and create a career profile that can be augmented during high school to support a lifetime of career decisions. In CIS Jr, the language is controlled for a 5th-grade reading level and the interest inventory uses middle-school relevant experiences. There are two sets of curriculum embedded in CIS Jr. Using the Career Plan activities, middle schools are able to meet the state's 7th and 8th grade education plan requirements. The Discovery & Passage curriculum, with over 150 activities that are searchable by subject area, common core, soft skill, and grade level. CIS activities and online curriculum promote reading, writing, decision-making, goal-setting, and critical thinking while developing self-awareness, exploration, research, and planning skills. CIS Jr focuses on building the skills and goals that students need to transition to and succeed in high school.

High School

CIS's comprehensive occupation and education information helps students set goals and follow through with plans for their futures. It encourages self-assessment, exploration, research, goal-setting, and decision-making. The CIS career planning portfolio provides the process for students to develop, and the means for schools to document, information for the education plan and profile. CIS is controlled for a 9th-grade reading level. A multitude of formal and informal assessments promote decision-making, goal-setting, and authentic planning to support students in completing their high school careers and in their transitions to postsecondary life. Unique tools, such as the CRLE Plans, EA/Senior Projects, and the Career Plan document Oregon’s graduation requirements.

College and University

CIS is effective in a variety of college and university settings, including career centers, life-planning classes, academic advising offices, counseling services, and programs for special populations. College and university students use CIS to set career and education goals, connect majors to the world of work, locate scholarships, prepare to transfer to another institution, and find graduate schools. CIS is an important tool for career and education planning for successful transitions.

Businesses and Agencies (Adults)

CIS supports lifelong career planning and promotes career self-reliance. CIS components encourage self-assessment, exploration, goal-setting, decision-making, and a planned job search. It is an essential, proactive, and participatory resource for employee assistance, vocational rehabilitation, life planning, career one-stops, and other adult career development programs. CIS encourages career self-management throughout one's life.

Library Edition

The Library Edition of CIS provides patrons a resource for practically any career information need. Easy to access and simple to use, CIS provides a wealth of occupation and education information not available from any other resource. The library edition does not include CIS assessments.

Personal Edition

Personal Edition provides access to CIS for Oregonians who want to access CIS content outside of an organization. A $19.95 subscription includes three months (90 days) personal use of all CIS assessments and information components. Individuals can review and print content in CIS with this subscription. To subscribe, contact us at for instructions.


A number of organizations create custom versions of CIS to better serve their students, employees, and clients. For more information about creating a custom licensed site, contact the director.


800.495.1266 (in Oregon)

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