About Us

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) provides a system of occupational and educational information to help Oregonians learn about the world of work and education. We work with schools, colleges, social agencies, and businesses who provide career guidance and employee development services. They use CIS products with their students, clients, customers, and employees to assist them with the process of career planning or career transition. The information that Oregon CIS develops is comprehensive; for example:

The information is also delivered in a systematic way. This means that each information file is linked to other relevant information to create an integrated system of career information. Professional information analysts collect, analyze, review, and edit every piece of information in CIS each year. They use a wide variety of data sources and generate additional information from their own questionnaires. Oregonians can be certain that each piece of information and the links between the various information files have been thoroughly researched with the concerns of the career planner in mind.

CIS was built to remove barriers so that Oregonians can create accurate and actionable career and education plans. CIS is a time-tested, Oregon-grown system of the highest quality, integrity, and value. Self-supporting for over 40 years, Oregon CIS served as the model for the creation of all state CIDS nationally.


The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is designated Oregon’s Career information delivery system (CIDS) by Executive Order 01-08. The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a consortium made up of organizations that have current software licenses to use CIS. The costs of producing Oregon’s Career Information System are shared among all consortium members. Similarly, enhancements and developments to CIS are shared with other members of the consortium at no additional cost when appropriate.

The schools, agencies, and businesses that license CIS products are members of the CIS Consortium. The staff of these organizations may be considered for board membership. The CIS board is a representative body of the CIS Consortium. The CIS Board advises the Director.


The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) supports the career development needs of Oregonians.

Our Mission is to: Our vision is Quality Information for a Lifetime. Our consortium members are essential to our mission because they oversee the delivery of our information to career decision-makers. They also work with us to make Oregon CIS better.


The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a consortium organization made up of organizations that have current software licenses to use CIS. The CIS board is a representative body of the CIS Consortium. The CIS Board advises the Director. New members are elected at the first meeting of the new fiscal year, usually in October, and begin their terms at the following meeting. The board meets four times a year in Salem.

Willamette ESD

Sean Aker

Student Success Act Coordinator

Rogue Community College

Makiko Barrey

Counseling Faculty

Oregon Employment Department

Danell Butler

Portland Metro Area Manager

Oregon Developmental Disability Services

Lisa Catherwood

Host Home Coordinator

Willamette ESD

Cherie Clark

Career & College Manager

Pendleton High School

Sonia Cooley


Trask River High School, YCF

Jerry Dorland


Oregon Commission for the Blind

Carolyn Frank

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Oregon Building Congress

Tom Goodhue

Executive Director

Beaverton School District

Vilay Greene

Counseling TOSA

Oregon Department of Corrections

Tracie Hightower

Education and Training Administrator

Education Northwest

Michelle Hodara

Senior Researcher for Postsecondary Readiness and Success

Medford School District

Hal Jones

Career and College Readiness Coordinator

Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Donna Lewelling

Deputy Director of Office Community Colleges and Workforce Development & State Adult Basic Education Director for the Higher Education Coordinating Commission

Vocational Rehabilitation

Michelle Markle

Statewide YTP Coordinator

Claggett Creek Middle School

Kenzie Mozejko

School Counselor

Brookings-Harbor High School

Michelle Prudden

YTP Coordinator

Riverside Jr/Sr High School

Elizabeth Rosen


Oregon Department of Education (Board liaison)

Jim Taylor

Career Education and Human Resources Education Specialist

Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion

Lacie Tolle

Scholarship Portfolio Coordinator