Licensing & Orders

License Types

The following is a broad overview of the basic types of licenses available. For more information about what best meets your needs, contact Oregon CIS at 1.800.495.12661.800.495.1266.

Complimentary Services

These are features or services that your site can use at no additional cost to enhance your students or clients use of Oregon CIS.


Incorporate School-Specific Scholarships

Oregon CIS will include school-specific scholarships into the system for you. These scholarships will appear alongside all other scholarships in Oregon CIS in:

  • Scholarship List
  • Scholarship Sort

Any scholarships worth at least $100 to your students or clients are eligible for inclusion in Oregon CIS.

Additional (Add-On) Features

While Oregon CIS is a comprehensive system for career exploration and development we do offer additional features that can enhance your and your students or clients experience.

For a quote to add any of these features, contact Oregon CIS at 1.800.495.1266 1.800.495.1266.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Account Management

Allows your students or clients and staff to login to Oregon CIS using the same account you provide to them to access other SSO services.

  • Login easily using without needing to remember an additional username & password.
  • Create, Transfer, & Hide student and staff accounts automatically.
  • Save classroom time by preventing students forgetting their Oregon CIS password.

SSO & Account Management in Oregon CIS is available thanks to development support from consortium memberBeaverton School District.

Dependable Strengths

Empowers students and clients by helping them identify their strengths and find occupations that use them.

  • Determine Top Strenghts.
  • Identify Career Pathway and Occupations.

Dependable Strenghts in Oregon CIS is brought to you in partnership with Washington Occupation Information System (WOIS).


Interest Determination, Exploration, and Assessment System (IDEAS) is an interest inventory designed to be used as an introduction to career exploration.

  • Spanish version included.

IDEAS in Oregon CIS is brought to you in partnership with intoCareers.


for Career-Related Experiences

"Connections" tools allow you and your students to connect to businesses and volunteers. We incorporate business and volunteer profiles into Oregon CIS in a variety of ways for your students and clients to discover. Educators can connect with volunteers when scheduling activities.

  • Promote career exploration and preparation for your local businesses and industries.
  • Educate future employees about work and local businesses and industries.
  • Impact your community and future workforce through business and education partnerships.

License Cost

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a consortium of schools, colleges, and agencies in Oregon. We develop and deliver a computerized career information system to our consortium members for use by their students, clients, employees, and customers. Every site that licenses CIS invests in the consortium, which allows us to offer a system of comprehensive college and career information at a low cost. As a member of that consortium, sites have CIS staff available to answer questions and provide training and support. Sites also have a voice in the future developments of the system.

CIS Fees are set by our Board. The CIS board is a representative body of the CIS Consortium. For a licensing quote, contact CIS at 1.800.495.12661.800.495.1266.

Ordering CIS

To process an order, we will need the following information.

Order For: Who is the order for? (We need the name of the school or organization site where the materials and software will be used.)
Name of Contact or Ship To: We need the name of your contact person in order to register your site. We call this person your CIS Site Administrator. We need the person's name, phone number, and e-mail, please.
Bill To: Where do you want us to send the invoice? (We need complete billing addresses, including zip code.)
Type of Payment: How do you want to pay? (A check or an authorized school/agency purchase order must be submitted with ALL ORDERS. We will invoice after materials delivery unless other arrangements have been requested.)

When to Expect Notification

If you are a new site, you will be contacted via e-mail as soon as your order is received. Your site will be set up, with your requested site and Site Administrator user names and passwords, within three working days of receiving your registration. If you are a continuing site, your license period and access to CIS Online will be extended through the new license year. You must submit an order to us each year or your access to CIS will be interrupted when your license expires.

How to Pay

Sites will be invoiced for orders after full delivery to you. If there is a back order, the invoice will be sent after the back order is filled.
Payment is due within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice.

If You Need Help or Have Questions

CIS staff members are here to help you. Contact us if you have questions about your order, training needs, or your bills.