Oregon CIS Board Awards

Now Accepting Nominations

Oregon CIS is a set of tools. Career practitioners use these tools to help people change their lives. Organizational leaders make sure the work of the practitioners is supported. High school students use CIS to change their life trajectories. Please help us celebrate one of these practitioners or leaders and the students impacted by CIS by submitting a nomination for the Les Adkins Award for Career Guidance Excellence, Cheryl Buhl Award for Excellence in Career Planning, and the Nancy Hargis Award for Leadership in Career Development.

Nomination Instructions

  1. Nominations must be received no later than February 28, 2021.
  2. Nominations need to cover the points noted in the instructions below and should not exceed three pages.
  3. If a person or institution being nominated has been a past recipient of a CIS award, consideration for a second award must be based upon enhancement from the previous award.
  4. There are two ways to submit nominations:


Attn: CIS Board Awards

Les Adkins Award for Career Guidance Excellence

The Career Information System Board established the Les Adkins Award for Career Guidance Excellence to recognize outstanding achievement and successful career guidance practices and to give credit to individuals who use the Career Information System effectively in Oregon. This is a direct service award designed to recognize practitioners and/or programs that directly affect people's career development through the services they offer.

The CIS Board seeks nominations of people who achieve outstanding results in career guidance/career development services.

The award is based upon:

  • evidence of the impact of the career guidance/career development services provided by the nominee,
  • the extent of integration of CIS with the activities of the nominee,
  • the innovative use of CIS,
  • outstanding work using career information, and
  • overall leadership in career development and guidance.

Who is Les Adkins?

In 1988, Oregon CIS held its 15th anniversary celebration and gave its first statewide award, the first and only Distinguished Service Award, to Les Adkins. The Board Award for Career Guidance Excellence was also named the Les Adkins Award at that time. Les was the director of student services at the Oregon Department of Education for many years. He was an advocate for students and counselors, special needs and career guidance. During CIS’s development, he was a key supporter in the education community and an early board member. The inscription on his CIS award reads, he “saw the potential of CIS to serve young people and worked diligently to enable CIS to fulfill that vision.”

To nominate a candidate, submit the following information:

  1. General information about nominee
    Name of nominee, title (if an individual), school or site address, phone
  2. Description of nominee's contributions and practices:
    • Group served by nominee (numbers and types of clients/students served) - one paragraph
    • Career development services provided and outcomes from these services - one to three paragraphs
    • Use of CIS in the career development services - one paragraph
    • What makes nominee's practices or program outstanding - one to three paragraphs
    • Other special contributions the nominee has made to the field - one to three paragraphs
  3. Your information
    Name of the person making the nomination, phone, and e-mail.
  • Past Les Adkins Award Recipients
    • Sarah Muir — Roberts High School
    • Taunya DeBoer — Willamette Leadership Academy
    • Jill Schlegel — Banks High School
    • Janeen Phillips — Linn-Benton Community College
    • Morgan Davis — Sisters High School
    • Kevinne Moran — Beaverton High School
    • Donna Keim — Corvallis High School
    • Jennifer Satalino — NELA Center for Student Success
    • Meg Kilmer — Parkrose High School
    • John Young — Canby High School
    • Debbie Kearns — Dayton High School
    • Chuck Skirvin — Chemeketa Community College
    • Kimberly Kellogg — Rex Putnam High School
    • South Eugene HS Career/Counseling Services and School-to-Work Program
    • Cathy Mink — Lord High School
    • Dave Bone, Dianne Gormann, and the Butte Falls School District
    • Susan Roberts — Milwaukie High School
    • Diane Parham — Colton School District
    • Pam Dodds — LaGrande High School
    • DeeDee Erhard — Bend Senior High School
    • Lynn Bain — Linn-Benton Community College
    • Alsea Career Agency — Alsea High School
    • David Hawley — Cheldelin Middle School
    • Jess Wilson — Toledo High School
    • Krissa Caldwell — North Salem High School
    • Brian Waters — St. Helens High School
    • Roy Humphrey — Lebanon High School
    • Duella Strobbe — South Umpqua High School
    • Sue Holmes — South Coast Business Employment Corporation
    • Marlene Pedersen — Farm-Home School
    • Arlene Louis — North Medford High School
    • Mike Wetherell — Riverside High School
    • Joel Woodman — Sprague High School
    • Bob French — Newberg High School
    • Chuck Haines — Enterprise High School
    • Wayne Van Burger — Marshfield High School
    • Career Information Center — Lane Community College

Cheryl Buhl Award for Career Planning

This is an award honoring student achievement in their career planning. This award is given to one high school senior at a CIS school. Students will receive a signed certificate and an embossed seal on their high school diploma. Students must be nominated by the Site Administrator at the school. One award per Oregon high school per year will be given.

The award is based upon:

  • diligently working toward a career goal or changing career direction because of experiences using Oregon CIS.

Who is Cheryl Buhl?

In 2015, the Oregon CIS Board created this award in memory of Cheryl Buhl former director of Oregon CIS. During her time as director Cheryl made significant contributions guiding Oregon’s implementation of the Comprehensive Guidance Standards, as well as the Career Plan.

To nominate a candidate, submit the following information:

  1. General information about nominee
    Name of nominee, school address, and graduation year.
  2. Description of how nominee’s career goals or direction evolved through the use of CIS at the school. 1-3 paragraphs
  3. Your information
    Name of the person making the nomination, phone, and e-mail.
  4. Indicate how you would like the award announced:
    by sending the certificate to you, to an administrator at your school, and/or whether you would like an announcement sent to a local newspaper.

Shannon DeLateur Award for Career Acheivement

(This award for lifetime contributions to the field may not be awarded annually. The CIS Board will nominate and select recipients; suggestions are welcome.)

The Shannon DeLateur Award recognizes lifetime contributions to career development in Oregon. It is given to someone who is retiring or has retired. It honors people who, like its namesake, made significant impacts in their work life within their sphere of influence. (Shannon DeLateur introduced the Oregon Department of Corrections to career development and CIS.)

Who is Shannon DeLateur?

In 2003, this CIS Board Award was presented to Shannon DeLateur a retiring administrator of Workforce Development for the Oregon Department of Corrections. Throughout her career in corrections, Shannon displayed a singular commitment to individual development and personal responsibility in order to bring career and educational programs to Oregon’s prison system.

  • Past Shannon DeLateur Award Recipients
    • 2014 — Sherry Cole, Grant County ESD
    • 2012 — Diane Parham, Colton School District
    • 2010 — Bill Manley, PAVTEC, Portland Community College
    • 2009 — Cheryl Bower, Sprague High School, Salem-Keizer School District
    • 2004 — Greg Harpole, Oregon Department of Education
    • 2003 — Shannon DeLateur, Oregon Department of Corrections

Nancy Hargis Award for Leadership in Career Development

The Nancy Hargis Award for Leadership in Career Development recognizes individuals who provide outstanding services to career guidance practitioners through leadership and organizations that promote career development and the effective use of the Career Information System in Oregon.

The CIS Board seeks nominations of individuals, programs, institutions, and organizations that achieve outstanding results by actively supporting career guidance/career development services

The award is based upon:

  • outstanding work promoting career development and the use of career information,
  • active involvement in the Career Information System network through institutional support and leadership, and
  • overall leadership in career development and guidance.

Who is Nancy Hargis?

In 1997, the CIS Board Award for Institutional Leadership was renamed the Nancy Hargis Award for Leadership in Career Development. It was presented to Nancy Hargis, who had recently retired as Oregon’s School-to-Work Program Coordinator. Prior to this appointment, she was the executive director of the state’s occupational information coordinating committee (OOICC). Nancy was involved in CIS from her first days with OOICC until her retirement, as a board member, leader, and partner. She was also recognized nationally as a leader in school-to-work and career development.

To nominate an individual, program, institution or organization, submit the following information:

  1. General information about nominee
    Name of nominee, contact person (if organization) OR organization (if individual), address, phone
  2. Description of nominee's contributions and practices:
    • Organization overview, including mission, number of staff, number and types of clients or students (or other organizations) served - one paragraph
    • Roles, activities, and demonstration of commitment to career development and guidance - one to three paragraphs
    • How the nominee promotes career development and the use of career information - one to three paragraph
  3. Your information
    Name of the person making the nomination, phone, and e-mail.
  • Past Nancy Hargis Award Recipients

    (formerly CIS Board Award for Institutional Leadership)

    • Jason Winningham — Logos Public Charter School
    • Gillian Dyall — Arts and Communications Academy, Beaverton School District
    • Kathryn Eckert-Mason and Camille Atkinson — Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Initiative, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    • Michelle Zundel — Ashland High School
    • Jeanne Yerkovich — Portland Public Schools
    • Amy Parkhurst and Worksystems, Inc.
    • Beth Landy — Lane Community College
    • Heidi Edwards — Portland Community College
    • Sprague High School Advisory Team
    • KathiSue Summers — Rogue River Middle School
    • Dr. Phil Long — Medford School District
    • Graham Slater — Oregon Employment Department
    • Denise Gudger — Eugene School District
    • Tim Latta — Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    • Karen Phillips — North Clackamas School District
    • Janet Casad and the Gervais School District #1
    • Susan Roudebush — Rogue Community College
    • Janice Carson — ASVAB Education Services
    • Bill Manley — PAVTEC, Portland Community College
    • Nancy Hargis — Oregon Department of Education School-to-Work
    • David Allen and the Workforce Analysis Section — Oregon Employment Department
    • Bill Brown and Klamath County ESD
    • Tom Wiedeman and the Deschutes ESD
    • David Douglas Public Schools
    • Oregon Commission for the Blind
    • State of Oregon Executive Department
    • Chemeketa Community College

Special Awards

The Oregon CIS Board sometimes chooses to recognize Oregonians for their contributions to the career development and success of Oregon's students and workers in transition.

  • Past Special Award Recipients
    • 2004 — MT Dimick, McLoughlin Middle School, Award for Emerging Leaders
    • 2004 — Matthew Cox, Mid-Columbia Council of Governments, Award for Emerging Leaders
    • 1998 — Arlene Louis and Medford School District 549C for Outstanding Contributions to K through 12 Career Development
    • 1994 — Wayne Johnson & Patsy Chester for Vision and Investment in the Career Path Planner
    • 1993 — Clackamas High School Volunteer Program