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... personalizing the career development experience

My Career Planning Portfolio is a personal career folder that your students and clients can create online. In their folders, or portfolios, they can store CIS information of interest, exploration tool responses, personal reflections, plans, and their education and work history.  When sites register for CIS Online, they indicate if they want the portfolio feature activated. Once an individual sets up a personal portfolio, the personal user name and password can be used to access CIS. 


My Career Planning Portfolio has three default components and two optional components. The optional components, My Plan and My Course Planner, are designed to address the Oregon’s high school diploma requirements. (Colleges and adult serving agencies typically do not activate My Plan or My Course Planner.)

My Personal Information

Basic information about the student or client – name, address, phone, e-mail, and class in school (if appropriate). Individuals select their own user names and passwords for accessing CIS for Internet and their portfolios from any computer connected to the Internet. Also includes opt-in/opt-out option for administrative access to portfolio information. Students and clients can transfer their portfolios to new schools or agency sites from this screen.

My CIS Favorites

Acts as a bookmark to information of interest and as a Save and Restore feature for assessment and sorting tools. Records all saved information from research of CIS information as well as saved responses to any of the Exploration Tools. When users save information, they are also given the opportunity to add a reflection about the saved information. The component can help school and agency administrators document use of CIS components when students and clients opt-in to allow administrative access or if they print My CIS Favorites.
My Plan (Optional)

Uses a developmental career-planning framework to organize the education planning process and the plan itself. Three general developmental levels are used to create flexibility in implementation:

  • Getting Started
  • Looking Deeper
  • Preparing for Next Steps

    Each level includes five career development steps, with activities and reflections, to build a personal education and career plan.  These steps answer these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How will I get there?
  • What are my next steps?
  • Where am I now?
  • My Course Planner (Optional)

    Provides an online tool through which students generate a course plan based on career and educational goals. The plan can include classes for 9th through 12th grades plus two years of postsecondary education. Students input course titles, and select subject area, units, and terms. They can update the plan with grades following course completion and print the course plan at any time.
    My Education and Work History Collects job application and resume information about work experience, education, military and other specialized training, skills and interests, awards and achievements, test scores, employment objective, and references. This component uses the information to build a resume and printout a data sheet for job, school, and scholarship applications.


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