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... improving how businesses work with schools and schools work with businesses.

CIS-Connection is a web-based tool that connects schools to businesses and businesses to schools.  It links business information and employment opportunities to students and job seekers using the CIS for Internet website.  It also provides a database for volunteers from local businesses who are interested in supporting educational activities and career-related learning.

Benefits of CIS-Connection

·        Educates students and job seekers about the scope of jobs available.

·        Generates interest in local industries.

·        Provides the appropriate links to businesses and their websites while one engages in career planning.

·        Assists students and job seekers in the development of career plans within the context of actual employer expectations.

·        Provides an easy mechanism to link business people that are willing to volunteer with teachers/school personnel that are seeking volunteers.

·        Helps organize and track all business-related, school-to-career activities in a local area.

CIS-Connection is licensed and delivered by geographic regions.  Currently, 3 regions are developing CIS-Connection for their areas:

  1. BizConnect (Multnomah and Washington counties, coordinated by WorkSystems Inc.)
  2. BizConnect (Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties, coordinated by Job Growers, Inc.)
  3. Linn-Benton CIS-Connection (a partnership among Corvallis School District, Greater Albany School District, and Lebanon Community Schools coordinated by Greater Albany School District)

 Businesses click here... 

To provide detailed information about your business or organization for CIS for Internet and to add information about employees at your business who are interested in volunteering with teachers and other school personnel through the Volunteer Exchange.

 Schools click here...

To search for volunteers listed for your region.  You must have a Staff Account in CIS to access the Volunteer Exchange.  NOTE:  At this time, access to the Volunteer Exchange is available only to schools who are part of the development project in your area.

If you want information about a CIS-Connection for your region, contact CIS Services staff.


800.495.1266 (in Oregon)

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