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For Career Planners

CIS Online is a service provided to you and your immediate family under a license agreement with your school or other career service provider. To access the CIS Online website you will need to enter the site user name and password provided by your school or other provider, or the portfolio user name and password you have created.

Click here to sign in to CIS for Internet.

If the user name and password do not work for you, please let the person who issued it to you know immediately. New ones are issued at regular intervals and the one you are using may have expired.

For Staff and Faculty at Licensed CIS Sites

Are you a teacher, counselor, or career center staff? CIS Online includes site resources, such as instructional support materials, a CIS reference guide, and curriculum ideas, to help you implement CIS products.

Just log into CIS for Internet using your site's user name and password and click on Site Resources under the More Resources box in the lower right of the home page.

For the CIS Site Coordinator

Every licensed site designates a CIS Site Coordinator. The site coordinator has been issued a Site Coordinator User Name and Password. These allow you to administer portfolios and generate reports for CIS for Internet use. You can also customize My CRLE Planner as the CIS Site Coordinator.

Site coordinators can also set up accounts for staff to view portfolios of their students and clients. To access the Administration Tools as a staff member, you must have the user name and password created for you by your CIS Site Coordinator.

Click here to go to CIS Administration Tools


800.495.1266 (in Oregon)

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